Hot/Cute flat-chested Girls

Oh my, for me, doesn’t matter what the “cup size” is, as long as it complements the female’s body. I mean, it fits! Nah, too hard to explain! hahaha
Runway models are flat chested, clothes look better on women with small breasts. Audrey Hepburn was flat chested, Grace Kelly was flat chested. Should we make fun of two of the most elegant and beautiful women in history for not aving DD cups?
So, even without those “huge thing”, they were extremely hot and cute. :P
Lemme start with:

1.Milla Jovovich (Milica Natasha Jovovich)
Milla Jovovich
2. Yuko Ogura
She’s a gravure model, definitely cute and obviously Japanese.
Yuko Ogura
3. Sam Pinto
2011 FHM PH sexiest woman..tsk, don’t need to explain. look at the curves. nyah~just ignore the beer. LOL
Sam Pinto
4. Alicia Keys
We all know that she’s a great singer but I find her so sexy also. Again-ignore the MIB..LOL
Alicia Keys
5. Shin Min-Ah
A Korean Model/Actress. Gumiho forever~nyah
Shin Min Ah

That’s all folks, so, who’s your top five? hahaha :)

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