I Love this Girl IV

I always love Japanese girls. For some reasons, my pervert side can't resist their cuteness. They're so cute in every aspect; voice, face, eyes, and even their built. Someday, I'll go to Japan and attend  Comiket. If given a chance marry one. Hahaha

Enough with non sense talks...Introducing Risa Kudo.
risa kudo

She's a gravure idol, her eyes and lips is what I loved most. And the curve,nah..indescribable. :D

Risa Kudō (工藤里紗 Kudō Risa?, born October 4, 1983, in Kanagawa, Japan) is a Japanese model and actress. She is best known outside Japan for an appearance in an episode of the Nippon Television series Haken no Hinkaku in 2007 and the films Love Letter Ao-renka, Rabu Kon (Lovely Complex) in 2006 and Sleeping Flower in 2005. She was a model on the game "Finder Love", were she made a picture with Risa Kudo. She composed a Limited Edition Game with her Bikini and pictures.-Wikipedia

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