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Let's Play "GhostX"!

Yeah! Visit their site:CLICK HERE With a tagline of "The truth is NOT all you can see," the game bills itself as a "Metro Action RPG." It touts a weapon system  featuring crafting, combination, and evolution; a combo system with myriad skills to spice up combat; a mission system with an unfolding story; and a modern-day, industrialized world setting.

Trailer :

Why do I listen to Japanese songs?

Oh yah! I don't even understand the lyrics but sometimes I look for the English "interpretation" of a specific Japanese song(my favorite). I think Japanese songs are way too different from the others. I listen to it because I love its melody and the way a Japanese girl sings is way too cute. And because i love anime, most of my favorites were anime soundtracks like from Deathnote, Naruto, Bleach, Darker than Black, K-on!, etc.

Sometimes when someone caught you playing Japanese songs, they laugh. And it doesn't make sense, (haha) girls, mostly listens to K-Pop,etc. We have our choice. Primarily, I love music because it keeps my blood alive when doing boring things like reading, studying, etc.

Some of my favorite Japanese songs are:

I have lots of favorite but I'm too lazy to put it here, some of them are from "Flow","Orange Range", and from my fave singer Ai Otsuka. :3

How to make your boyfriend stop playing games?

1. “Let’s do this together” – recommend a hobby you can do together.This is somehow confusing, what activities/hobbies a girl and boy can enjoy together?. .Tsk..From my point of view there's no problem in playing computer/online games as long as you know how to prioritize and manage your time. It's a choice between living meat and electric but will never leave you thing ,after all. Anyway, we have our own definition of happiness.