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I can’t sleep. I have been avoiding coke for a couple of weeks but tonight I had a drink. Too much caffeine I guess. As I was on my bed, I can’t sleep. I tried closing my eyes several times but my mind doesn’t want to shut down.  Suddenly I remember my father who passed away. I don’t know maybe because my contract is expiring (work stuff) or simply because I missed him. After all it has been almost 8 years. Our family has been doing great thanks to my mother who always finds ways for us to survive. It’s been a great ride. I know my mother suffers a lot of pain not just by losing her husband but also from her children and that includes me. I remember her crying in front of me when I messed up my studies at MSU-IIT. And when I think about it now, I was such a bad son. Now, I realized that to be a good son, you need to be a good student also. She always tells me that I am good brother to my siblings. Of course, I had to. I am the eldest. Setting example is not my style. I was not born t…

So, Poetry!

They say poetry ignores grammar. So, POETRY! :D

How he read the word "crush" is tingly.

Searching Feature Layer By its Attribute

Here's the screenshot 'coz I'm not good at explaining.
A pop up will show if the feature layer is found, it is also selected.

Here's the link for displaying Popups.

Here's the code below for reference:
Supposed your Vector Layer name is "layer_agao" and your SelectFeature Control is "selectControl".