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Everytime you tell girls you like them, they always asked "Why?". And I always go with the reason, "I just like you". And then, end of conversation.

Oh girl, I'm sorry. If you can only dissect my body and see what I felt about you. You'll be spending lots of hours reading all my reasons. Because sometimes with my limited source of words and vocabulary, I can't find the exact word. So, maybe you can?

"That feeling between like and love."
Hmmmn, getting there?
Nah, I'm not fond of words.

It's just sad that women love words. I know that you need to spit it out sometimes. Unfortunately, I'm not good in speaking. I haven't confess personally, like expressing my feeling like it's the end of the world. I haven't done that. And I don't have plan doing it except in my wedding vow.

When I tell you I like you , it's always true.
And it means I like every details about you. The soul within your body and all the words; the …