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Me talking to myself:
How many more years does it take for you to realize that she's the one?

Me talking to whoever-you-are-in-my-life:

27 it is!

Wow! Time flies so fast, I'm 27 now. Just 3 more years and I'll be 30 (best in Math). If no girl will show up on that moment I promised to myself that I will travel (the world) alone. HAHA

I'll enjoy my life (more). I have read or heard somewhere that,
Men can survive without love but women can't live without it.  That, I don't know!

Sometimes I feel empty, like soulless and for some reason it's because I chose to. I evaluate my feelings towards other people several times before making any move like talking to them, being with them. I get emotional sometimes if that person is important to me (the aspect of myself that really needs improvement). I don't know, I'm not comfortable with other people. Well, I guess lots of people that knew me doesn't take me seriously. HAHA

Thank You God for keeping
my family safe and healthy.
Thank You for sending and
surrounding me with good people.
Thank You for this extended life.
I'm sorry for not bein…

Pain...go away!

Because it's raining this morning...

It's just that...
if you are getting used to pain,
it is almost impossible to fully feel happiness.

You have that feeling (doubts)
that it won't last long
and be sad again.
But this time,
it hurts more.

it eats you, it changes you.
Can be a better you
but mostly (myself)
it eats up my self-esteem.

Fear of investing your feelings
to someone again.

One love story.
Several scars
from multiple wounds
Enclosed and marked in your heart
that may reopen any time.

I don't want lessons from you.
I want memories.

My journey on Openlayers 2.x...

It has been, well...overwhelming.HAHA

Actually, it's quite fun and I have discovered that my codes in the previous month was so...(what's the right term?) messy and makes my head shake. 
New Me : Hey old self, that was a disaster and the ugliest code I've ever seen.
Old Me: works!
Upon testing all its functionalities, lots of bugs I've found. Although it's not that major but still, a bug is a bug.
Let's talk about history...I've been working this web application in which I need to add multiple layers (flood events) for each river basin. So, my old me did this:

if (!myflag1 && "Agaton 2014" == a) { mainit_tubay_bldg_agaton = new OpenLayers.Layer.Vector("Mainit-Tubay Agaton 2014 Affected Buildings", { strategies: [new OpenLayers.Strategy.Fixed()], eventListeners: { loadend: function(a) { map.zoomToExtent(mainit_tubay_bldg_agaton.getDataExtent()); $("#load_table").removeAttr("d…

Dear Taylor-Number-One-Fan-Ever-As-In-Ever!

Unexpectedly, she replied. Actually that was my "plan" to greet her during Christmas eve. (I told her already this) It works of course, and I'm glad. After all, almost everyone responds when being greeted during Christmas. Asked her several questions and she answers. (whoah!!!! *surprise emoticon here*) She stays with me with that "Taylor" question though. (HAHA, hi there!!!) Skip...skip. She must be special (noh?). I don't know her personally. We have common friends though. I only saw her on this 1920 x 1020 screen or with this 5.5 inches phone. I don't know how tall she is. What her voice sounds like. What she smells like (not trying to be pervert here..hehehe).
How she stands and walk. But..several questions ahead.

Why do I check if she's online? Why do I have that desire to talk(chat) to her? Why does it makes me smile to see that animated ellipsis while waiting for her response? Why does the sun go on shining? (JK..HAHA) Why do I love reading(listening) to her ran…