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Five "Bleach" HD Art

Note: I do not own this images!
1. I forgot the name of this girl but I thinks she's the one who fought Capt. Toshiro Hitsugaya during Aizen's Time.
2. He's Kuchiki Byakuha, and his face looks odd! LOL

3. Hollow Ichigo (don't know the proper name), releases it when he fought against Ulquiorra through the yell of Inuoe; the most annoying girl in the world of Anime.

4. Lynnete; SEXY and my favorite!

5. Ulquiorra, a little touch on the face would be great!

Just Another "Rose"

Well, I got boring...I'm a Derrick Rose fan so I made this "art":

I print screen the image above from this video:

...can't find Derrick Rose's back image. LOL


"This is just to help build excitement and whatnot for the record coming out," Young tells "This is kind of a preview, and I wanted to make sure the four songs on the EP gave sort of an accurate snapshot or a taste of what the new record is about."

"The Shooting Star EP's" title track and first single, according to Young, displays the deep influence of electronic dance music and "a lot of European trance DJs and stuff like that" on his latest music.
After listening these four(4) songs, I think Owl City's new album will be more like for disco, danceable . LOL Whatever it is, I still love every words he puts on his songs. SUPPORT ALL THE WAY!
You can download these four songs here.

For better quality! These songs will be available on iTunes May 15, 2012. PLEASE SUPPORT! 
Note: Please support Owl City's album by buying the original. For promotional Purpose only.  Opps! I put password on it. Just type the band's name.

Let Your Reader Change Your Blog Body Background

Well, I don't advise doing this, but it's quite FUN!
This script will enable your blog reader to choose the color of your blog/template body background. Here is the DEMO. (Scroll down at the bottom of the page.)
How to implement itJavaScript:  Paste the code below above the </head>.

<script style='text/javascript' type='text/javascript'>
var backColour = new Array();

backColour[0] = &#39;#FFFFFF&#39;;
backColour[1] = &#39;#000000&#39;;

function changeBG(whichColour){ = backColour[whichColour];
 </script> The RED text is the hexadecimal color value. You can change it whatever you want. Get color values here.
The BLUE serves as the "holder" of the color.


<h4 style='text-align:center'>Change background to:
   <a href='#' onclick='javascript:changeBG(0);'>//WHITE</a>
   <a href='#' onclick='javascript:changeBG(1);'>//B…