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All I need is you...

Why worry about the future if we're doing great today?
What I mean with "great" is, we're so much in love and we are the happiest when we're together.
And even if not, we longed for each other.
It's not bad, right?

Do you think we need to slow it down?
I don't think so!
We have wasted (sorry for the term) enough time with other people from the past already.
I think we deserved each other the way it needs to be.

Do you think this feeling of mine will change soon?
The answer is (if there's one thing that I'm really sure this is it), NO!
You are worth the time, effort and love.
You are more than what I asked and deserved.

They say you need an inspiration to write something.
Yeah, it's true.
A song and thoughts of you is enough, and sometimes a cup of coffee.

I'm glad that we have this kind of relationship.
Like we talk things, then laugh about it.
Argue like preschoolers.
You're the cutest when you reason out. (HAHA)
Making you laugh ha…

Set table width to 100% on PDF export in Datatables

I've been using DataTables a lot these days, it's good. Actually, it's a very good plug-in for displaying data in table (haha), with lots of interaction.

Few and should be implemented feature:

Can't export multiple table headersAPI for table width in PDF Export Adding header and footer for Excel Export DataTables uses pdfmake library for its pdf export module.

To make the table width 100%, as per pdfmake documentation we should set its width to "*".

Here it goes:

Edit the datatables JS file, find t.table.widths="auto", change it to t.table.widths="*".

You might want to change the alignment of the table header also:


Set the alignment to left.

Dear Girlfriend

I wrote this on my notebook
As much as I want to describe how much I love you,
I can't find the exact adjectives for it.
So, I'll just use these available words in my head and form some sentences.

First, I can't deny that you are a blessing to me.
Yah, you are!!!
The main reason is because of your LOVE.
It brings so much joy in my heart.
It makes me take things lighter than before.
Your love is not selfish.
I could not ask for more.

You have loved me the way I wanted it to be.
Without you being told, without you being dictated.
It's just how you love and it amazes me.
Every single day, I wake up thanking God for opening your heart to love me.
I know I'm overly sensitive sometimes.
Sorry, I'm still learning and I don't want to hurt you in the process.
I know you'll understand.

Don't ever change.
Stay loud.
When you laugh, when you burp.
Tell me everything.
What you hate about me.
When my jokes are not that funny anymore.
When I used inappropriat…

Why I choose her?

The real question is not "Why?, it's "Why not?". I choose her because I LOVE her. She loves me also. And I love how she shows it. Gentle, sincere and she appreciates little things that I do for her. Every time I look at her, it makes me glad that I had a failed relationships. Because it makes me think that my past has prepared me for this moment. 'Cause with her, I see happiness, I see contentment. Seldom you'll find a woman who cares a lot about you. Who speaks "I love you" with every kiss. Who can hug you in both manner;being told or not.
By the way, I will still love you even if you don't feel the same. But of course, I'm very GLAD you did. (hehe..thank you) I love how short you are. I love your eyes, the way it laid on me. I love your forehead. (bun-og na every Sunday..haha) I love your lips, nose, ears, neck and even your teeth. I love your small hands, your cute face, your shoulders, elbows. (ayeee) Your hair, the smell of your perfu…