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Kawaii Mina & Kaori

I love them both, Mina Asakura and Kaori Ishii, they're both gravure idol. As a fan I uploaded a video of them, so cute.~nyah xD

The song is from Fairy Tail OST, Lucy's Theme

This one is SMILY(instrumental) by Ai Otsuka.

5-star hotel deserves a 5-star original score

"Burj Al Arab" is an original score written by Adam Young. He stated on his blog:
I had the immense privilege of scoring a new commercial for the Burj Al Arab 5-star luxury hotel in Dubai.
Download the Burj Al Arab by Adam Young here.

Creating Transparent Background on Blogger

So this will be the result after this simple method:

Just like my template huh? :)
And this how I do it, we can’t directly use this CSS code:

Tips on Editing Blogger Template

I’m not talking about the pre-made template by blogger (eg. Simple, Picture Template) coz’ it can be customize easily. Let’s focus on the html part. Before touching your code, download you template first for the reason that if you messed up your code, you can easily turn it back like before.
How to do it:
From Dashboard or Home > Design > Edit HTML then follow this step.

Hot/Cute flat-chested Girls

Oh my, for me, doesn’t matter what the “cup size” is, as long as it complements the female’s body. I mean, it fits! Nah, too hard to explain! hahaha
Runway models are flat chested, clothes look better on women with small breasts. Audrey Hepburn was flat chested, Grace Kelly was flat chested. Should we make fun of two of the most elegant and beautiful women in history for not aving DD cups?
SOURCE So, even without those “huge thing”, they were extremely hot and cute. :P
Lemme start with:

Sad Songs I Used To Love

Here's my top 5:

5. First Kiss by George Fenton

4. Canon by Johann Pachelbel

3. River Flows In You by Yiruma

2. Fox Rain by Lee Sun Hee

1. Lonely Lullaby by Owl City

I consider them as a sad song because it makes me feel and think how blessed I am.

What a Day!

As of this moment, 10:00PM I received a nice gift.Oh yeah, didn’t expect to pass but thanks so much. Not that good grade but at least I manage to passed on my Major Subject. I thank God for being so great to me all the time although sometimes I doubt His power. Still He never fail me in my prayers.And also I thank my professor for teaching us and not to rely on his lectures but to be determined to learn with ourselves. ABOVE ALL, I will work hard next time. LOLSorry for posting this but I’m just happy. I’ve never been serious in my study before, I’m new to this feeling. hahaha

“Planking” is for everyone

"Planking" (or the "Lying Down Game") is an activity consisting of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location. The hands must touch the sides of the body and having a photograph of the participant taken and posted on the Internet is an integral part of the game. Players compete to find the most unusual and original location in which to play.The term planking refers to mimicking a wooden plank. Rigidity of the body must be maintained to constitute good planking.
SOURCE It’s been a trend since planking starts but I haven’t try it for some reason. I don’t want to be the center of attention and someone dies on it. CRAZY! But hey, they can “plank” also.