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Open Link List in New Tab

When we add the "Link List" widget or gadget, all  links were open in the same window when clicked which will make your reader leaves your blog/site.

With this simple script, all the links from the "Link List" widget will be open in new tab. Sounds great?!!
Anyway, here's the code:
As usual, from Dashboard > Template > then Edit HTML then,
First,add this line of code above the </head> tag.
 <script src=""></script> Ignore if you have it already.

Then,find </body>  tag and paste the code above it.

<script type='text/javascript'> $(function(){   $("#LinkList1 a").attr("target","_blank"); }); </script>Customization:

Add/Subtract Single Digit Number in Assembly Language

Well, I'm not that good with this. I just want to share this "simple" arithmetic done in assembly programming.

The program will:

Ask the user to choose addition or subtraction Ask the user to input the 1st single digit numberAsk the user to input the 2nd single digit numberShow the result

The program won't accept any other value except number. It will also shows (-) negative sign just like the image above.

Anyway, here's the code below: