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There's No Such Thing As Future

A blooming bud is predicted to be a flower.

Our life is planned as our existence has been carved in a stone. No matter how we attempt to alter it, it will still fall to default. Yeah, God gave us mind. We're still the captain of our ship but the path we're taking is leading to God's horizon.  Personally, I don't plan ahead because I'm lazy. As much as possible, I want to enjoy this borrowed life. I always put this line on my head: Everyone exists, few lives.How colorful our life will be, depends on how we live. How meaningful our will be, depends on how we act.
To exist for no reason is the same as being dead. To have a goal , a purpose, a priority for which you fight and stand up when you're down no matter what means to truly live, that's why life exists, for us to fight and suffer in order to gain joy.SOURCE 

The Clear Obscure

Wandering late at night for indefinite reason, as my mind starts to shut down.  I made this piece of trash, throwing all my thoughts and emotions while listening to the howling dogs and feeling the cold breeze of the wind.  I always doubt the goodness of Christ coz He took a precious being from me. Up until now, I'm still in the middle of the maze.  Stunned, and can't figure out the answer.  Pain, indeed can change us. Everything happens for a reason. This line seems like a broken record for me. But now, I gave up. I gave up on having doubt with Christ. Faith should be fixed and stable. After all, this life will return to it's home.

Perfume: Japan's Owl City, maybe?

I was reading on Owl City's Blog and then someone commented on the post saying that when Adam Young will go to Japan he must collaborate with this band. So with my curiosity, type the Perfume then hit the YouTube search box. And wooooooh! Perfume will be on my fave list from now on. They're cute and started at young age. Perfume (パフューム) is an all-girl pop/techno trio from Hiroshima, Kashiyuka, Nocchi, and A~chan who debuted locally in 2001 and nationally in 2005. Forming into Perfume at 12 years of age. From 2005-2008, Perfume has released 6 major singles. In 2007, Perfume released Polyrhythm, which became their first top 10# in the Oricon charts. Since then, Perfume has been breaking record after record with new singles.
In 2001, three 11-12 year old girls formed a group together in their hometown of Hiroshima. In 2002, they released two limited edition singles only in Hiroshima, called "Omajinai Perori" and "Kareshi Boshuuchuu". All three members moved to T…