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Create Your First Webpage

This is my first time to create a "tutorial" about webpage. Although I'm not that good but I'll give all my knowledge and techniques on this post and try to explain it as easy as it should be. haha
Some of my works here: Click Me

So let's start with the basic, mostly webpage has HEADER, CONTENT AREA, SIDEBAR and FOOTER.

1. Open Notepad ( you may use Wordpad or Dreaweaver)
      <title>YOUR TITLE GOES HERE</title>
</html> Just copy the code above,it's a start. Save it as "samplepage.html". Now the explanation for this,

Remove white space between sliced images?

So, you decided to create a webpage template in Photoshop then publish in online but here it goes,
a white spaces appeared. This is because of the spacer images.  Anyway, too much for the introduction!
Here's how to solve/do it:

How to download all images from a link?

So, you want to download an image or photo from a certain link or website. That will be easy, a simple right click then save as image will do. But how about if there are lot of images that you want to save? It will be give you more time to do it and for a lazy person like me I want to share this simple software that will help and save your time instead.

*drum roll please*

You need to download this "2.5 MB" software, NeoDownloader Lite.
I'm sure you'll be able to download it in just a few seconds. Install it after.
. . . .
After'll be able to see its GUI.

Of course, without those scratches.hehe

Oh My God! It's Doraemon & Totoro!

I love Doraemon so much, this is so awesome and cool to the highest level! No words can describe! Oh Japan, someday!

0:00 - 1:57 is from "Doraemon", followed by a song from "Totoro" then "Kiki's Delivery Service."

29 Funny XP Bliss Wallpaper

This is just a simple wallpaper (the XP Bliss) which is modified and somehow I find it cool and funny. Here are some of it: