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Love Of My Life

I got bored, t'was brownout and with just a candle on the table.

Here it goes...

I love sad songs, makes me think that I'm not the saddest person on Earth but the one who wrote it.
I love romantic movies, 'cause I may learn from it.
I love cute people, who doesn't?
I love shades of black. I'm neutral, just a little bit of anything, that's me.
I love writing, especially when I don't need to use my brain.
I love thinking right before I sleep.
I also love sleeping. The idea of closing our eyes and possibly travel anywhere is just great.
I love girls. Once, twice, too much. I don't invest my feelings that much. It's like my defense mechanism.
I love talking, not in public but to the people who listens and responds.
and lastly You, whoever you are. hahahaha! :D