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Pokemon Go Fix: Failed to Login/Servers are Humbled

This problem occurs with Android OS v. 4.4.4, and experienced using Google Account as credential in logging-in to the game. I guess, it has something to do with syncing your account to the game.

I tried removing my Google Account on my phone then log-in to the game,of course it will ask for password, I entered my password correctly but the game did not recognize it.

I did not have this problem before the latest update(.33), since then I need to tap retry several times to get into the game which is kind of annoying and sometimes pisses me off. HAHA

SOLUTION: SWITCHING ACCOUNTIf you tap retry several times already and failed to log-in, try another account. Create another account (try it, it won't hurt you..hehe) in Pokemon Trainer Club.Use that account and you'll be surprised, you're in the game. (sometimes it fails and you'll get "Servers are humble...", just try again)Play just a minute or two, then log-out.Now, log-in again using your Google Account.