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Where to write your blog?

Have you heard about Windows Live Writer? Just this month, my previous 5 posts were written in Windows Live Writer. It’s great, for many reasons, very simple to use and can be easily customize.
Some of my favorite features:
You can create a table automatically, and it’s very easy no more coding. hahaha Ex :
Table 1Table 2Oh Yeah!Oh Yeah!You can define your image border, position, etc. You can also put a watermark. FTW!Ex :

Insert a video easily, well it’s just like embedding it. But here in Windows Live Writer, URL only. And a lot more stuffs like tags, map, photo album. Feel free to visit their website for more information, I’m sure you’ll love it. Btw, it’s free! hahaha

Meet Bungog

So, who the hell is “Bungog”? Well, it’s the name of  my character in Pockie Ninja. I’ve been playing this game for almost two-months, not sure.  I’m glad that I am able to synthesize my outfit into +18, fit for my level which LVL52. I also had a pet, a +18 sweet potato that I named it also as “Gahi”. And all my equipments have 4 stats but I was not able to put a “slot” on it. It’s so expensive, costs 58 coupons or gold. My build is not yet define. My current stats is a mess. hahahaI am planning to be a dodger when i turn LVL60+. There are lots of update on Pockie Ninja.about the incription they also added outfits such as Third Hokage and the Mizukage, some outfit stats also we’re change. the skill interface is improved. (this is the best for me, less hassle) S1 and S2 were merged. lots of events Los Noches can be challenge 3 times now you can get outfit on Valhalla recast system is implemented and many more… I would like to share the skills I used:For a speedster, we need to slow dow…

Real Steel Soundtrack Download

Real Steel Original Motion Picture Score
Music by Danny Elfman.1. Charlie Trains Atom
2. On The Move
3. Into The Zoo
4. Why We’re Here (feat. vocal by Poe)
5. Meet Atom
6. It’s Your Choice
7. Safe With Me
8. Atom Versus Twin Cities
9. … For A Kiss
10. Get In The Truck
11. Bonding
12. Twin Cities’ Intro
13. Parkway Motel (feat. vocal by Poe)
14. This Is A Brawl
15. You Deserve Better
16. Into The Ring
17. Taking A Beating
18. Final Round
19. People’s ChampionThis 19 tracks make the movie more beautiful.  Download it by clicking the image. :)

Japanese on console

Have you watched the “Real Steel” movie? Yes, I did! Just this afternoon and alone.It’s a very good movie for family. It is about a father (Hugh Jackman) who is a boxer before, left or shall we say abandoned his child (Dakota Goyo). But then they were reunited when the Mom died. You better watch it coz I’m not telling it all here. LOLNow, let’s talk about ATOM. It is the name of the robot, carved on his left chest. When I first heard it, I thought it’s Adam. Together with Charlie(Hugh) and Max(Dakota) they went up challenging ZEUS. ZEUS is the undefeated robot in WRB or World Robot Boxing, if I’m not mistaken. And who created him on the film, it’s the Japanese guy. I forgot the name. And who controls it, still Japanese together with American.   Mostly on WRB, two people controls the robot. But in case of ATOM, only Charlie. ATOM can mimic moves. :P

Windows 8: Is it good?

Well, for that question. I don’t know the answer.Windows 8 was discussed in my Operating System subject. Okay, we’ll just watch this.

Our Family Bonding

Every family has its own way to form and make bonds stronger. On our case, our bonding time is eating. Yah, I guess it’s not bad. We eat a lot on weekends while watching T.V. or if we go out sometimes. Despite of being not rich, I thank God for giving us this blessing. It’s been hard for my Mom since my father died 6 years ago. I wish her good health so that if  ever I graduate she can still enjoy my earned money. In that case, I can repay her at least even just a little.

Cebu Educational Tour

The trip was tiring but it was so much fun. It’s not because it’s my first time on Cebu but I learned a lot from the company we visited. Plus, the bonding with friends and I was able also to meet my college classmates at MSU-IIT. They were professionals now and they work there.As far as I remember, we rode bus going to Surigao Port because there was no trip in Nasipit at Saturday. It takes a half day to be there in Cebu. We arrived on Cebu Port, Monday. I was so tired and we were not given a time to rest instead we shall prepare our self to start visiting tour sites and historical spots on Cebu. After taking the breakfast, our tour starts. I can’t remember the names of the sites we visited. Sad to say, my phone turned off. And I don’t feel taking pictures on that time. So, I got no pictures on Mactan Shrine, Magellan's Cross and the Cathedral. Most of them were historic spots like the place where Lapu-lapu and Magellan fought. It's so hot walking under the sun with lot of peop…

What's good in Cebu?

Last week, we had an educational tour on Cebu for 3 days. Well, it's my first time to be there. Sad to say on Day 1 (Sunday, October 2), my phone turned off. LOL..Got no pictures on Mactan Shrine, Magellan's Cross and the Cathedral. Most of them were historic spots like the place where Lapu-lapu and Magellan fought. I can't barely remember the name cause it's so hot walking under the sun. (hahahaha)

Well, good thing happen really on the same day. I met my old, not old, previous college classmates. They were all professionals now.  And I had a great time with them.

Day 2 was company visit and so as Day 3.

Some of the pictures I got. hahaha