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I Love Her Type Of Music II

She is Brooke Waggoner with double "o" and double "g".

Waggoner comes from a classical music background with 17 years of formal training. She graduated with a Music Composition & Orchestration degree from Louisiana State University in 2006.After graduating, she left for Nashville and began developing her current music.
SOURCE: Wikipedia

My favorite song from her:
1.Fresh Pair of Eyes

*wait 10 secs LOL

Visit her official website.

Millinneum Series

This trilogy keeps my past weekend busy. It's a very nice film based from the novel, for a person who loves mysteries.
It's about a girl (hacker,somehow with punk/gothic look, also abused that maybe the reason) and a journalist who later worked together in a case. I guess they fell in love on the last film. :P

Hey Hey Alodia!

A song for Alodia Gosiengfiao by Segatron.
hope this song reaches Alodia. OH INTERNET HELP!!! hihiIsn't it cool? hihi..So I guess it's not bad to share it.!
Download the mp3 here.

That Woman: Baek Ji Young

This is really sad, even though I don't know the meaning of the song but the way she sang it, pierces my heart. "That Woman" is an OST from "Secret Garden": Korean drama.
PS: If you want to download the mp3 of this song, just copy the video url then go to