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Like my Mother...

If God will allow, I will marry you!
Don't get too excited yet dear. HAHA

If it's not you, who would it be?
I'll isolate myself. HEHE
This heart beats for you and only you.

You already heard this from me,
"Marry someone like your mother." And to tell you honestly, you, somehow act and behave like my mother.
Like how you see people, how you think and deal with circumstances.
For that reason, NO, for every reason that is on my mind,  I'm so GLAD to have you again.

I have lots of doubts with myself but never with you.
You, somehow, light up the path for me to believe in myself more than I should be. HEHE
For the encouragements, for your own little way of making me feel loved, THANK YOU!

Since day one (familiar..hehehe) up to this day your love is still refreshing.
It's new to me, at the same time it is also familiar.
I will hold on to that and will really take good care of you.

Don't worry abut the future, we'll make it through the end, for …