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NBA Finals 2011: Heat vs. Mavericks

The Game 1 will start tomorrow (June 1, 2011, 9:00AM, PH Time), on Miami's home court. It will be hard for Dallas but in my opinion they will get the Game 1. Otherwise, if Wade will play the game just like in the last quarter of past fight between Bulls, they will win. However, Dallas can make 3's than Heat but we can't ignore Miami's defense. Anyway, let's just watch it and I'm pretty sure it will be fun.
Here's the top 10 plays of each team:

I hope this game between the two teams will go Game 7.

K-on!: How about the Male Version?

If you don't know about Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka, Mio Akiyama, Tsumugi Kotobuki, Azusa Nakano then it will make you less of being an "otaku". And it's crazy to find out that some anime-lover wants to have a male version of this anime series. 

Download the songs here. Password: male

I was "Enchanted" by this song.

"Enchanted" is a song written by Taylor Swift and Adam Young responded to it . If you want to know the story about it. Click here.Download the songs here. Password is: love.Yah it's an old story, I know but I love this song, both version.~Chill

American Idol: 10th Anniversary

Well, thanks "Greenwich" for the CD. LOL..Just sharin' it. Here's the content: 12 tracks. Kelly Clarkson – “Since U Been Gone”Ruben Studdard – “Superstar”Clay Aiken – “Invisible”Fantasia – “When I See U”Carrie Underwood – “Before He Cheats”Taylor Hicks – “Takin’ It To The Streets”Daughtry – “Home”Jordin Sparks (duet with Chris Brown) – “No Air”David Cook – “Light On”Kris Allen – “Live Like We’re Dying”Adam Lambert – “Whataya Want From Me”Lee DeWyze – “Sweet Serendipity”
link for download here, or just listen instead. 
Oops! password for download is: idol

Derrick "Rose" withered?

Bulls was defeated again, Game 4, with the score 92-101 (OT). Heat leads now the Eastern Conference Finals with 3-1. The next game will be on Bulls home. If Rose was able to shot the 2 free throws, they will win with the score 86-85 during 4th quarter. But he missed, plus he got two chances to finish the game. Unfortunately, guarded by James, he's not able to score. "Tonight, definitely it was on me. I had two opportunities to end the game. Couldn't do it. If anything, learn from it. Too many turnovers. Really was my fault but I'm going to learn from it."
-- RoseAs an MVP and as a Bull's point guard he plays big role to the game. He knows his fault and even admitted it. After all, without Rose I doubt that Chicago will be on the Finals. He just missed the chance and maybe not their time on the finals. tsk

*Note: Chill! I'm not a sports writer. :)

Naruto: Motivational Quotes

I found these images on deviantART. Just sharing, got it here.
                                       click to enlarge

Some are from here and of course, google. A big LOL, after.

I love little things, I cannot take more than five

Misa has become a sex symbol the world over thanks to the proliferation of her pictures across the internet. Her image has appeared in countless magazines and fashion publications. She is indeed, almost perfect with the stats 34-24-34. For more info about her click here
More Photos:
And lastly a video:


Official MV: I Don't Have Time To Be In Love

At last, as a Priscilla Ahn's fan I'm so happy that it came out. It was uploaded on Youtube at May 17, 2011. This song was on her album, "When You Grow Up" released on May 3 of the same year of course. Please support her by buying the album.  I really don't care  if she's just standing in the entire video, I still love it specially the ending. Very creative, hahaha.
View the full article for the lyrics:
i don't have time to be in love kissing you on the cheek 200 times a week
i don't have time to be in love way too much candle light keeping me warm at night
but that's not true when i'm with you
i don't have time to be in love watching a foreign film fade on the window cell
i don't have time to be in love cooking a meal for two climbing all over you
but that's not true when i'm with you
cause i used to be there for you when you were so blue  i'd walk with you in the rain nothing was bitter when we did it together i don't have time for love
i do…

Cool CF for a "Cool Phone"

For me, it's cool but then thinking that it is a commercial film for mobile phone, I was kinda' disappointed. But I appreciate the creativeness and the setting, the music is very calm to listen and good in the ear. Watch the video instead.

Gravure Idol: Emi Kobayashi

She's not that cute but she's so hot. Yeah, another Japanese gravure idol that I like. Meet Emi Kobayashi. Plus she got good credentials, cool! She was in a swimming club during her freshmen and got a management degree at Aoyama Gakuin University. SUGOI! More of her photos? or google her? haha.. or just view the full article. Lastly, we should not forget the video! LOL

Nomo nomo nomo Chuaa~

This line is so cute so I decided to make it my ringtone. hahaha Again, I want to share it. Here is the link for download: Nomo nomo nomo Chuaa
*Note: The password for download is: gumiho
What I did is converted this video to .mp3 file. That's why you can literally hear the background music. tsk

OST: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Don't forget also the songs that made this series more beautiful. So, I decided to put it here to share, of course. List of OST for downloads: Fox Rain
Fox Rain Instrumentals
I Love You From Now On
Losing My Mind
Ooh La La
Sha La La
The Person I Will Love
Two As One

*Note: Password for download is: gumiho View the full article to listen instead.

Ringtone: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Of course, after watching the drama series, I need souvenir from them. LOL. I just want to share the ringtones/songs from this series because I find it funny and cool. Here are the links for downloads:  Hoi hoi STRONG MIHO Hoi hoi SCARY MIHO Hoi hoi Lee Seung Gi
Fox Rain Dobido Fox Rain Intro Fox Rain Chorus I Love Beef You can listen it here just view the full article and the password is : gumiho
You can also watch Shin Min Ah & Lee Seung Gi interview.

So it's BullsHeat!

So, it's Bulls vs. Heat on Eastern Conference finals. After winning against Atlanta Hawks, (4-2) Chicago goes to finals now. They will be match against Miami Heat after their victory from Boston Celtics (4-1).
Whoever wins between the two, it's ok for me. But I guess, Derrick Rose should work hard more if they want to win against LeBron & Wades' Miami Heat. Anyway, Rose won't be an MVP for nothing.

Kawaii Korean Actress: Shin Min Ah

My two sisters keep watching this korean drama-series "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" and it's nice. The scenes were light plus the lead actress is so cute; Shin Min Ah.

And the role really fits on her or maybe she is just a good actress. It's my first time to watch her on a drama-series anyway.  If you want to watch it here is the link. Just 16 episodes.

Studio Version: I Don't Have Time To Be In Love"

At last, I've been waiting for this song from Priscilla Ahn. I love this song so much, the lyrics and the melody. Please support by buying her new album released on May 3, 2011 entitled: "When You Grow Up"

Kawaii Lead Vocals: Kiyoe Yoshioka

Ikimono Gakari is a Japanese band, obviously. Composed of 3 people; Hotaka Yamashita, Yoshiki Mizuno. With lead vocals: Kiyoe Yoshioka. I began listening this band early 2010. Some of my favorite Jap songs are from this band titled: "Bluebird" and  "Hotaru No Hikari". Both songs are from Naruto OP.

I love this girl.

She's so cute and very seductive in my eyes despite of her perfect imperfect teeth, I think she's so adorable. I'm talking about Reon Kadena. She's a gravure idol; who poses mostly on magazines wearing bikinis, swimsuits & etc.. :) More of her photos...
oh, I can't really take it.. she's so cute.
 How about a video of her?

Go search for more.. :P

Pacquiao won over Mosley!

What happen between Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight is so BORING after 3rd round when Mosley was knocked down. All he did after is run, run, and hug Pacquaio..tsk
Afterall, Pacquiao won by unanimous decision after the three judges scored 120-107, 120-108, and 119-107.
**I'm not a boxer analyst. So, just keep it cool!