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Batman Evolution: His "Costumes"

from top left (1) > top right (2) > middle left (3) > middle right (4) > bottom left (5) > bottom right (6)

Super Mario: "Cloud" is "Grass"

I didn't notice it really until this time. I've been playing this since I was kid. :)

Fixed 360p set up on YouTube

I get pissed off,  if I buffer some clips on YouTube and when I go full screen it automatically set to 480p and it buffer again. Well, it's ok if you have some good connection. But you can actually set it to 360p always. First, is you need an account on YouTube. Log-in>Account>Playback Setup. Follow this: Then "Save Changes". Done :)

Goodbye JamLegend

I started playing this music casual game on 2010, but sad to say it will end on April 29, 2011. I received their e-mail.
Here is the message:         After nearly three years of running JamLegend...
        We are shutting down the service to move on to new ventures.  We will look back fondly on our experiences at JamLegend. JamLegend was the most vibrant music gaming community in the world, where the greatest players and trackers/producers helped evolve online music consumption. We'll always be proud of bringing so much joy to so many.
        As of April 18th, 2011...
        New registrations, JamCash deposits, and all JamCash transactions, including VIP subscriptions and extensions, will cease, and on April 29, 2011 we will close the service completely. We value all of our users and appreciate your business. For any users with leftover JamCash or months of VIP past May 27th 2011, you may be eligible for a refund.
        We have always been committed to keeping your data private. As …

I Love Priscilla Ahn's Music

So cute and a very talented person. Some of her songs are "Find My Way Back Home", "Lullaby" & my favorite "Dream".

Her latest song:
She even made a song for Japan. Check out her YouTube: [CLICK HERE] :)

Real Life "Lupin III".

After watching "Catch Me If You Can", I think Frank Abagnale is a real life" Lupin III"(*just kidding). It's a very nice film for me, not because it's about crime but how Frank turn out his self into good. 
Some of my favorite scene:

Now, the real Frank Abagnale:

From YouTube.

You can download and convert YouTube videos into MP3 file directly just go in this site: [CLICK HERE] You can download the songs in my playlist here. The artists on the playlist: musikerang timawaKiss JaneChariceRegine VelasquezOren Lavie

That was a love story.

Before watching "Let Me In", I thought it was some-kind of a horror movie but I was wrong.

Some of my favorite scene:

BECK Live Action

After watching this manga-inspired movie, I was kinda disappointed because I did not hear Koyuki's voice. Simply because it was muted for the reason that his voice, as stated in the manga is like "God's voice". And theres no such person on Earth that has the God's voice. I was hoping it, at least on their final song. But, if you really want to hear Koyuki's voice you better watch the anime version of it!
Anyway, it's still on my list as favorites because of Maho played by Shiori Katsuna. Some of their songs: "Moon Beams" This song is muted on the movie.
My favorite song in this movie is "Evolution".