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>Do you believe in fate?
>>No, I believe in free will.
>>That's how I found you. I choose to love you, but it's unimaginable to forget you.
>I'm not going anywhere. Just give me time.
>>Time? *sigh
>Time to prepare myself. We're getting married soon, right?
>Why are you laughing?
>>Nah. Happiness, maybe?
>Girl, >>Boy

GeoDjango + GeoServer + Openlayers Combo!

I am developing this web mapping application using Django(GeoDjango), Openlayers and PostgreSQL(PostGIS plugin). It is quite good but when having a huge set of data(shapefile/rows in the table/polygons with multiple vertices) it is "laggy". Panning and browsing on the map and rendering of layers is too slow.

I have read some articles about it that although Openlayers has no limitation in rendering a vector(feature) layer, the browser does. So, I decided to use GeoServer.

Here's my framework for now:

Before, I get my GeoJSON data from Django and rendered it directly using Openlayers but since it is, as I said "laggy" the visualization of the map now is from GeoServer (WMS). HUGE difference, in terms of its rendering performance. It is quite good but I need to learn more about tuning it and use native JAI for rendering images.

And also, performing PostGIS queries(ST_Intersects, etc...) is slow, I have tried using raw sql for it but still the response time is unac…