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Making a Video Tutorial

Well, if we don't have a project in "Interactive Multimedia Authoring" I won't be able to share this small but awesome softwares needed in creating a video tutorial (IT-related), of course.

Here are the softwares, as stated on the image above:

1. ZD Soft Recorder 4 : supports several screen recording modes:

Desktop Recorder mode: create software demos.Video Recorder mode: capture streaming videos.Game Recorder mode: record PC game play.Webcam Recorder mode: capture video from webcam. 2. ZoomItis a desktop zoom and annotation tool, that enables you to zoom your desktop with your wheel mouse or the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard. It is activated with a customizable keyboard shortcut, and can also be used to draw on your desktop (with or without zoom), using a customizable color and pen width. ZoomIt is very convenient to use, it does not require any additional windows to open or close, and even includes a customizable break timer that will blank your screen wit…

Back In Photoshop: Logos?

No class tomorrow morning so I decided to create some "logo" or whatever you call it. And I've been busy in school, so many projects and this will serve as my update.

1. Some sort of placing the "UP" in top, "DOWN" below and "SIDE" on the side.

2. We don't stop searching/discovering/developing  for the latest technology. BTW, it's my course.

3. It's not bad to be weird, in fact different idea from the others is great.

4. Inspired by the Owl City's song "Plant Life". This is my favorite.

I'm not that creative, I like simplicity.
And lastly, I'll be updating this post if I got a new idea.

NBA Finals 2012: Wallpaper

I've got nothing to do, so I made this wallpaper although I was expecting Spurs to win in the West and Boston in the East, just too bad. But hey, it will be exciting to watch this other two team, Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA FINALS 2012.

Here are the top ten of both players: