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Rorouni Kenshin Live Action on 2012

I 've known this Japanese actor because of Beck Live Action, Takeru Sato play as Tanaka Koyuki on the movie. Now, on 2012 there will be a Rorouni Kenshin (Samurai X)  Live Action in which he will play the lead role as Himura Kenshin.

Are you an Introvert?

I consider myself as an introvert, without basis from professionals though. Why? Because I really felt uneasy if someone is looking at me. When I'm doing something I need to be alone. I don't like to talk in front of many people. It's fine for me to be alone with my earphone. I don't like going outside. I prefer staying at home and sleep. It's not that I can't be on the crowd. I just prefer to be in a small crowd. I'm not a show off person. I seldom chat my friends on facebook, even my close friends. I find it boring having a "not so" important conversations. I don't know exactly how to express my feelings to others (girls). Maybe, blogging is one way.  Yah, I choose my friends. I can count them on my hands.

Why I'm posting this? What is this all about? You might laugh. I just want to share what I have read from Owl City's Blog. The 10 myths about INTROVERTS:

Myth #1 – Introverts don’t like to talk.
This is not true. Introverts just don’…

My Favorite PS Tool: Clone Stamp and Pen Tool

Oh, Why?

1. Clone Stamp Tool - it's useful in removing watermark from the other photos. Really, how silly I am. Plus, the Eyedropper Tool = "OK IT'S MY WORK!". But I don't encourage doing this, we should respect and give credit to the original creator.
2. Pen Tool- This is my favorite cutting tool, I mean, extracting/removing a certain image on a background. This is the best tool because you can control its curves.

And lastly my favorite image format is .png. LOL

Happy Father's Day

This year, father's day will fall tomorrow, June 19. Actually my dad passed away for almost 6 years. The things that I missed about him is he always play jokes with us. He even teases me when I was young until I cry.  My dad used to love this song and listening to it reminded me how much I miss him. He also loves folk songs from Joey Ayala. I don't know so much but he loves serving IP's, he want them to be educated. Hayyy, I always say this:
I have many regrets, not in my life, but the time when I can still show my love to my father. I should have been a sweeter son to him.
Please be happy with my life dad, I'm sorry for turning down your ambition for me. I should fulfill it, maybe soon. Thanks for guiding us even without your presence. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Girls with Guitar

I can't play guitar but they can. I adore people who can play musical instruments and how much more if they're cute and pretty. Some of them were (my personal favorite): Juliet Simms from Automatic Loveletter, Kitchie Nadal, Alex Montemayor (bass) from General Luna, Haruna Ono from Scandal, and lastly Priscilla Ahn.

This is my 101 post!

Well, not a celebration. Just want to share the things that I constantly love all through out this year. I'm still doing photoshop. Actually, some images that are being used here were edited/created by me. Nothing special though. I still love Keane:
Well of course Ai Otsuka:
My favorite Japan Site is still: Sankaku Complex. Well, of course, Priscilla Ahn still on my list. I still play online games, but not like the old days. :)

Compilation: NBA Finals 2010-2011

Well, we can't just get enough shortly after the NBA Finals. So, this post contains all the NBA mini-movie made on each game. Let's start with Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Game 5:

Game 6:

NBA Finals 2011 Champion: Dallas Mavericks

No doubts about it, Mavs deserves the title. Dirk Nowitzki became the MVP, for the first time got a ring and so with Jason Kidd. Despite of having a low percentage field goals on the first half, Dirk manages to come back  on the second half.
"It took so long for us to get here. I don't really know if it would have made a difference [winning in Miami]. Just this feeling to be on the best team of the world is just undescribable."
-- Mavericks forward Dirk NowitzkiAnd with the help of Jason Terry, made 11 of 16 shots, including 3 3-pointers. Mavs won over Heat with the score 105-95. It was not that exciting on my part because on the last 3 mins or less of the 4th quarter  it looks like Miami gave up already and ready to accept defeat.

Dallas lead by 3-2: Miami's Home on Game 6

It will be the last opportunity for Miami Heat on June 13, 8AM PHT to be the "NBA Finals 2011 Champion". Leading the series, Mavs finished the Game 5, 112-103, biggest score so far for this series knowing that Miami's defense is tough. It was unfortunate on Wade's condition not to play for a couple of minute because of the bruised hip. “You know I’m not going to [talk about the injury],” Wade told reporters after the game. “It was unfortunate I had to leave the game. But I came back and I finished it.” Other than that, Heat should give more effort on being efficient. They always lead on the first three quarters but Mavs were always able to catch up.

Wallpaper: Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat

Are you Dallas or Miami fan? Personally, I'm a Dirk Nowitzki fan which means that I'm a fan of his team also. I created this wallpaper, making Nowitzki and Wade as the team's symbol. Yah, not LeBron. Download this without watermark here. Chill~

I Love Her Type of Music

Being a not so happy person, I love her type of music; anti-folk. I'm talking about Regina Spektor, she's so talented. She plays piano, wrote songs and has a very nice voice. What more can you ask for she's perfect. But Priscilla Ahn will still be my number one. My favorite songs from her are "Better", "Samson" , "Fidelity" & "Lauging With".

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Dirk Nowitzki is "sick" on Game 4

Dirk shows that having a fever cannot make his team to worry about him. He even scored 21 points that makes the series tie, 2-2. With efforts of his reliable team mates , they manage to end the game with the score 86-83. On the other side, Wade shows a very good performance like on Game 2. However, LeBron scores only 8. Game 5 will be on Friday, 9AM PH Time.