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A Weekend With Her

Weekends are the best because you get to spend your time with yourself and with your loved ones.

Just last Saturday, me and my girlfriend(Finally! HAHA) went to Bukidnon, specifically in Dahilayan and tried their rides:
320MT plus 150MT ZiplineAsia′s 1st Longest Dual ZiplineDropzone 120 Ft. Freefall RidePython Roller Zipride It was fun! I had a great time, well, probably because she's with me.
Actually, Dropzone and Python Roller Zipride were my favorites (Sadly, no pictures).

Here are some of our photos:
No picture together showing both of my hands..HAHA

Model...HAHA..I had to post this dear. :) 


A Song of Cough and Cold

Well, this song is so fitting for us, like it was made for us. (HAHA)

I'm sorry ding, this is not "...kapit ka sa akin. Kumapit ka sa akin."

I was supposed to show this to you tomorrow, anyway, this doesn't change that this song is for you.
I do stupid stuffs sometimes. (nag struggle ko, hapit ko ubhon...hehehe)
All for you.
I'm the sweetest ever! HAHAHA