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I don't really consider myself as programmer
It's a cool job description though
Well, I know how it works
Its process
Its logic
Its syntax
I used plug-ins, libraries, frameworks
Why not use those resources,right?
It makes my work easier
And it's all over the internet
So, anyone can program?
Not really.
When all those links turn into #551A8B
Dead End!
And you received a Tumbleweed badge in your Stack Overflow question
Now,  my work begins!
Thinking of ways to solve a problem.
Lots of ways!
When it's NOT on the internet
And the feeling of satisfaction after figuring it


Been through with disappointments If only people will be honest with their feelings It will be much easier Less heartaches More memories Well, I'm just tired of giving my effort to the people who don't know how to appreciate In short, not the right one for me But is she really not the right one? Because of her, I am changing my way of meeting people I know it would be unfair But it will give me courage and hope if it fails again I want to hug someone right now I know it's wrong Being with someone does not totally erase your loneliness And I guess I'm better this way Not to be lonely, but to be mature enough for my future relationship (charis...HAHAHA)

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