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Facebook Page or Blog Creation?

"Which comes first, Facebook Page or Blog Creation?"
This question bothers me.

There are Facebook pages that I "like" in which it doesn't have a website but I'm sure that almost websites now has Facebook pages. As my personal view, having a 10k-100k likes in Facebook without a site is somehow a missed amount of opportunity and a potential penny. Not being greedy but at least you paid your effort in running your page.

Anyway, just to answer the question I created a blog first then Facebook page coz I don't post too much in my Facebook page. I know it's lame! :P

On the serious note...

Primarily, the main function of social networking sites/media for me is to make your post (video, images, etc.) viral. It's like having a free ad service in every "like" and "retweet" as we call it. It helps you gain huge traffic.

Just an advice regarding which path you'll take...

If you begin with Facebook page...
Share it with your personal f…

Make Your Online Image Editing Easy

This is not a paid advertisement but...

"Make Your Online Image Editing Easy use Pixlr Grabber"

Anyway, my last post  talks about watermarking a multiple image at once. Now, let's maximize your pixlr experience by downloading their browser extension. 
Go tothis link and download the extension. Sorry, no extension for other browsers! :P You'll be able to Print Screen easily and edit it in pixlr. Just explore it! 
You might also try their Pixlr o-matic! More like an Instagram, it's quite good! Here are some of the effects:

Watermarked Multiple Images at Once

A watermark is a recognizable image or pattern in paper that appears as various shades of lightness/darkness when viewed by transmitted light, caused by thickness or density variations in the paper.-Wikipedia One way of protecting your image is putting a watermark on it. It also helps you to promote your portfolio and avoid others to just copy and alter it.

But having a lot of images to watermark is somehow tiring. So, here comes a great and small software that will do the task.

*drum roll* BatchMarker
Photo Watermarking Software
*Save time by automatic batch watermarking of your photos

You can download it:

Easiest Way to Protect Image from Copying

Let's say, you don't want your image to be copied? Nah, that is nearly impossible. As of now, I don't know how to do it! Anyway, this post will just prevent people from copying your image by disabling the image link.

Here's the sample below:

When you right-click the image above, you won't see an option to save the image, at least if someone will copy your "precious"  photos, they'll do it the hard way. :D

So, enough with the talk.

Implementation: You just need to paste a very short CSS code in your template. As usual form Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML then find ]]></b:skin> and paste this code above it.
.separator a{pointer-events: none} Then Save it!

Want an explanation? :P

Create a Page Gallery from your Picasa Web Albums

Do you want to create a page containing the albums of your Picasa Web account? If yes, then let's do it! :D

First, let me mention this very nice JQuery script made by alanhamlett to make this possible. Go to his site, from there you can download all the scripts and css files and take a look at the sample. Study it if you want! You can also host the scripts on your own, you need :


Anyway, the thing that I'll be teaching here, or maybe sharing is how to implement it here in Blogger. So, here it is!

Disable Comments in a Specific Post

This post will help you disable comment in a specific post as the title says. Comment is good , you should consider your post "value" before doing this. Consider this example:

Click me for Demo The comment is disable because he just used  that post to categorize his articles. That's a great idea! Anyway, let's do this.

To disable comments if your using: 
1.Blogger default comment.  This is so easy to do, just follow the image's instruction. Click the Option then,

Create a Link to Randomly view Posts

This tutorial will help you build or create a link and give a random posts when clicked. I think it will help most  if your blog is for "entertainment" like this one.
Click me for Demo
First. So let's start by going from Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML then find  </head> and paste this code above it. <script type='text/javascript'> //<![CDATA[ function showLucky(root){ var feed = root.feed; var entries = feed.entry || []; var entry = feed.entry[0]; for (var j = 0; j <; ++j) { if ([j].rel == "alternate") { window.location =[j].href; } } } function fetchLuck(luck){ script = document.createElement('script'); script.src = '/feeds/posts/summary?start-index='+luck+'&max-results=1&alt=json-in-script&callback=showLucky'; script.type = 'text/javascript'; document.getElementsByTagName('he…

Style Your Blog Posts Elements Separately

An HTML element is everything from the start tag to the end tag.
An HTML element starts with a start tag / opening tagAn HTML element ends with an end tag / closing tagThe element content is everything between the start and the end tagSome HTML elements have empty contentEmpty elements are closed in the start tagMost HTML elements can have attributes-W3schools In order to separately  style each HTML elements  in your blog posts, you need to define them by using their unique selector. Let's say for example, you want to style your blog post image. Define them by using this CSS selector;
.post-body img{property:value;} You need to include .post-body then specify html tag, like the example above. This is because your blog post body is enclosed with <div class='post-body'>...</div>

Therefore, in every element inside the posts body you need to include .post-body.In that case, other than your post body elements won't be affected. Other HTML elements you might consi…