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Simple Billing System in VB6

This is my simple project on our subject RDBMS II using Visual Basic 6. And I would like to share it because I'm done with it. hahaha

 Screenshots below:

66 Anime Girls Wallpaper

This is a personal choice, either download it individually or the whole pack . All in high definition/quality images mostly from Kon!, Evangelion, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, etc.
Some of its content below:

40 Dark Themed Wallpapers

This is a free collection of black/dark theme wallpapers. All in High Quality/ High Definition. Get it below.
A preview of its content:

865 Folder Icon Pack

Folder Icon Pack !, free icon collection pack  from the internet. This post contains only the preview of the set, the full set is in this zip file.  Download it below:

69 Comics Wallpapers

Enjoy this 69 comic wallpapers in different sizes and quality. Some of it are from Marvel, DC Comics  and etc. Just check it out below and choose what is best for you or just download them all here.

And oh, I do not own any of this, some are watermarked.(can't help with that)

Downloading Entire Album in PicasaWeb Made Easy

If your planning to create a gallery/album type blog, you better create an album in PicasaWeb rather than uploading it here in your post so that it will have a separate album from your blog's album.

Then, just browse the image from PicasaWeb as you insert it here. It will be more convenient to your reader cause they will have an option to download the specific album.

Here's how to do it:

Upgrade your account as Google +.

1. You just need the direct link of the album.

<a href= "LINK OF THE ALBUM" target="_blank"> Download </a> 2.  Then the reader will have an option to download the entire album by clicking the link that you've created and this is how to download it.

Catgirl: Japan Vs Western Cultures

It's just like Nyä  Vs. Meow. If it's Japan, I think of cute and the other would be hot. In western countries, Catwoman, Cheetah from DC Comics are examples of Catgirl while in Japan, lots of cosplayers wear cat costumes, and way too adorable. haha

This one is, obviously from the other country.

Auto-Tweet Your New Blog Post

So, you have a twitter now? If you don't have it then this will be impossible to do. haha
Seriously, sign-up! It's free. :D

On the serious side, Twitter and Facebook is  popular today and so with blogging. What we are going to do is automatically tweet you new blog posts. Less hassle, and less effort on you side. You don't need to log-in to your Twitter account, each time you want to share your new blog posts to your followers.

Here's how to do it:

Google Products That You Should Use

Of course, Google has been good to us. It helps us create a blog using Blogger, have an e-mail through Gmail, and mostly earn money from Google Adsense. But what are the other products and services of Google that we should acquire? Here are the list that may found useful  to you, excluding YouTube, Google Search of course, cause we all know about it.

Google DriveThis is Google Docs before, it enable you to create forms, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and even store files up to 5GB for free online. Isn't it nice? You can also set each file as public, private or unlisted. Picasa Web AlbumBy default all the images that has been uploaded using Blogger as your blog platform were stored in Picasa. You can upload photos, create albums up to 1GB and control its accessibility. You can also embed and create a slideshow from your albums. Google CodeThis enables you to store scripts; e.g. css, javascripts. Also, host these scripts/project and use it  on your site/blog.

Useful Fonts in Designing a Logo

I've been crazy about logo-making lately, it's quite fun. Serves as my pastime , and if  got lucky might earn a dollar. So, upon this crazy adventure I thoroughly searched the best font that will blend and accompany the logo theme.

This is so far the best site I've found:

1. LogoFonts

This website provides you a tool that will avoid you the hassle of installing numerous fonts onto your computer. Now you can check how each font looks like easily and quickly and you wont care about the font amount limit of your operating system.-LogoFonts
I want to study more about designing if given a chance, focus on web designing  and its related fields. Someday, well for now gotta teach myself for a while until I found a great sensei or seminars. haha
It's just sad that in our city no seminars or conference that teaches it. Anyway, still thankful for the world of Internet forever. haha
Samples below that I'd created so far: