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You know...

Image know what makes a man happy?
It's when the woman he loves appreciates his effort.
Appreciation out of love is all we need.
A man truly in love will do everything for his woman.
In a manner and way that he knew.
Showing affection is personal, as it varies.
That's why,you, woman should take time to dig deeper about your man. know what makes a man cries?
It's when the woman's appreciation on his effort is beyond his expectation.
Because, sometimes man questions himself. Doubts, that is.
Pursuing and chasing is not that easy, you know?
When a man gets tired, it doesn't mean his love is not true.
He just felt rejection, that is.
Woman, seek for his intention. Random Video:

Happiest birthday Papa!!!

Tomorrow, September 21, is supposed to be the 51st birthday of my father. Anyway, I know he's somehow happy there. But sometimes, I missed his "tease". I wish to have a dream with him tonight.

Anyway, upon watching "Reel-time" on GMA News TV; LUMAD, I remember his devotion to help people esp. IPs(Indigenous People). It's just sad, extra-judicial killing is still happening today. tsk
I hate it!!!! Because it brings back the pain that we have suffered, seeing a mother cries after losing her husband. And worst, letting the daughter watched as they shot her father.

I have read an online article before about the death of my father. Well, at least, they appreciate how my father loves his work and as I always said before (on my previous post about him), "HE DIED FOR IT."

What makes this all the more tragic is that their latest victim, Mateo Morales, has devoted himself, through many years of public and community service, to genuine community developme…

Dear Future Wife

Please let me choose the song for our wedding. hehe

And where was I before the day
That I first saw your lovely face?
Now I see it everyday
And I know
That I am
I am
I am
The luckiest As you walk down the aisle, this will play.
I might cry out of happiness seeing you in your "white dress".
Then, you can just laugh at my face. HAHA