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Is there anything better than food reactions? Yes. Insane gambling reactions.
If you thought Shokugeki no Soma was full of excessive reactions on 2015, well, buckle up as you watch Kakegurui this year. I have to say, the new anime releases this season are really great especially Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul * I have my eyes on Nina Drango, she’s so cute* but that’s for another topic. What made this anime unique in its own kind of way is the fact that it has its own charisma. Anyone who has seen Prison School could surely sense that the way the students treat the “house pets” were much like how the boys in Prison School were treated minus the prison cell. Kakegurui has this creative visual presentation within each episode wherein they showcase different forms of gambling and how each game has their own sets of thrills and risks.
The main character herself is very interesting and mysterious. I should say, I am very impressed as to how the anime tells its story. Not often do you see…