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I just told her I like her, and now she's gone(not gone, gone). Am I that powerful? hahaha

Well, I am not that proud of myself but I'm always fine with it. Like really, as much as I want her. I just don't beg. It's not my style and I don't even know how to please/court a girl. Which makes me wonder, how did I get a girlfriend before? :)

Anyway, 2015 is coming! I have these list; a new year's resolution:

I'll try to go to church as often as possible.Maybe be more mature in interacting with people esp. girls. HAHAMind OVER Emotion thing. I overthink a lot.I'll work harder. I want to finish my Master's Degree as soon as possible to get married. HAHAI'll sleep early like 10:00 PM.Live healthy? Less caffeine and more water. I guess that's it! I am happy with my life right now. What more can I ask for? Ahh there's one thing, I want to learn Nihongo. I got plans, you know? haha

My Sweet...Moon!

When this song hits me, I listen to it all over and over again. It's a bit sad but inspiring. I really love kids, like dreaming of having one right now. But I also have this in my mind that I'm not yet capable of giving her(I want a girl BTW) a very beautiful life.
I love the man you're making me
Yeah, every day I'm gonna prove there's nothing I won't do for you Such a great love for his child.
OK, I should take up guitar lesson now 'cause I'm gonna write a song for my future Naleigh Moon.