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This is about her.
When you can be yourself with someone, she's the one. An old love when awaken is stronger than  your mind. So, don't bother thinking on fighting it back. Let your heart beats freely, let it decide without holding back for you won't regret it in the end.

When you fall in love, well it's science more like lots of chemical reactions happening in your brain. But, let's skip that part.

When I fall in love, I think of bad things ahead; pessimist, I am.
But now, I'm changing it. I promised to myself to look for a better SUNRISE everyday.

And why the heck not?
I'm like torturing myself before.
After all, happiness should start from within, like it's a choice;mindsets.
But we can't ignore the fact that someone/some things have different value for us.
So, it gives different impact or amount of happiness.
What we need to do is segregate those "things" or "people" in our life.
If it doesn't make you happy, then it'…

Optimizing Near-real Time Module


The scenario is we have a python script that runs on a given interval that automatically loads shapefile into PostgreSQL with PostGIS database.This shapefile is from a simulation done by a computer and it is updated on a timely basis.

Near-real Time module of the app performs INTERSECT query to generate statistics. This involves two tables on the database. Every query took more than 5 minutes which is unacceptable. No matter how I try to change(optimize) my query, it's still SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

So, instead of directly performing INTERSECT query between two tables every time the user take request. I have this instead:

I created a stats table where the results are inserted and stored on it. After loading the shapefile into the database, a PostgreSQl function will be called and perform the INTERSECT query then insert the new result to the stats table.

The database server will just perform select query to the stats t…

Pour Toi

Some twists and turns in our life are unexpected. When she came, I have to take a leap of faith. I hope He is working it for us! Forever? She does not believe when being asked. Together, she prefers. And I agree. Knowing her thoughts is like riding on a bike that puffs colours. Meaning, it leaves wonderful marks. And just to let you know,I can sing all day for you. HAHA Read my mind. Reach the innermost part of it. You're there. Might not convince you ehh?!!! Anyway... Enjoying each day having a tête-à-tête with you!

thanks for reading this trying-hard-to-put-meaning-on-each-letter poem
listen to the song below :)

I'll be safe and sound...

Cause, nothing compares to what we share.
I don't have a care in the world.
Cause even if it all came crashing down,
As long as you're around,
I'll be safe and sound.

*I just love the song so much <3