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My Ultimate Dream

So, I graduated. It's too late though but I've been thinking, what then? What's next? Well, I've been lucky to land a job after graduation. I'm proud of it because the project that I'm involved with helps the city of Butuan. My mother is happy, of course. It is such a wonderful feeling when you can treat your mother with your earned money. Yah, it's not enough! It will never be enough! :)

Currently, I'm a Cadet Programmer. By the way, we (with my fellow cadets) don't tap our keyboards synchronously. All I do is to sit and squeeze my mind, if not enough (most of the time), there's my trainer;Google. It is quite fun because of my working environment, I mean my coworkers. We laugh a lot, sing, sometimes dance and trash talks and get the job done! :D

I'm 25 and I remember being asked in my interview, who am I in the next 5 years? I don't really know! I'm a lazy person, I seldom plan ahead. I don't save money yet. I like taking one st…