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A Year with Her

I’ll be taking my time spending my life
Falling deeper in love with you One person is enough to touch your life.
She is that person for me.

History...over a year ago.

It was a rainy evening.
I had an umbrella though.
I was wearing a blue shirt, grey pants and a Nike Shoe.
Before going for dinner to meet her, I went to store to buy school materials for my sister.
The store is not that far from our meeting place, so I decided to walk going there.
It was still raining but I managed to arrive there first.
I waited a little bit then she showed up without me noticing her.
I think I was busy browsing and checking with my phone.
I was surprised.
Well, I haven't seen her for almost a decade.
But how can I forget my first love?
That was young love but she is.
I took an order already, it was a full meal.
She just ordered cake and shake if my memory serves me well.
We talked, we exchanged words.
She has a lot to say about something.
She's still the same.
I was amazed.
Time passes, rai…