A Year with Her

I’ll be taking my time spending my life
Falling deeper in love with you
One person is enough to touch your life.
She is that person for me.

History...over a year ago.

It was a rainy evening.
I had an umbrella though.
I was wearing a blue shirt, grey pants and a Nike Shoe.
Before going for dinner to meet her, I went to store to buy school materials for my sister.
The store is not that far from our meeting place, so I decided to walk going there.
It was still raining but I managed to arrive there first.
I waited a little bit then she showed up without me noticing her.
I think I was busy browsing and checking with my phone.
I was surprised.
Well, I haven't seen her for almost a decade.
But how can I forget my first love?
That was young love but she is.
I took an order already, it was a full meal.
She just ordered cake and shake if my memory serves me well.
We talked, we exchanged words.
She has a lot to say about something.
She's still the same.
I was amazed.
Time passes, rain has almost stopped.
So, we need to part ways to go home.
I decided to walk her outside 'til we find trike.
She hopped in without me.
I felt sad, like for no reason or may be I'm just too sensitive.
That moment lots of things ran inside my mind.
I was thinking, this should not be the last time to see her.
I was left walking alone, few more walks then I rode to go home.
During those walks, in my mind, I want her to be next beside me next time.

...fast forward.

And here I am tonight.
Combining these words to form sentences to create paragraph.
That was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Technically, being in a relationship with her is the longest that I am with.
I am happy for the year that is full of love.
She was in my past, in my present, and though the future is uncertain,
I'll make sure that we'll be there, TOGETHER.
I'll be better, I am better because she's in my life.

Happy Anniversary!

Listen to the song below 😉😜

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