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All About Us feat. Owl City

I'm an Owl City fan, i love happy and saddest songs. Now, I'm becoming a "He is We" fan also after hearing this song.
This is bad, really bad. But, you can download it here.

This is my Childhood Theme!

I was born on 1989, grew up with this song on radio. Now, I'm 22. So, the title of this song is "Feel Like Dance". Yah, just until now I discover the title. Performed by the "globe".

About the song: Actually, this is the remix version of "Feel Like Dance" from their new album "house of globe". I provided a download link.


Glad Facebook has it!

Well, recently just about a month ago, I accidentally deleted all my videos on YouTube. Yah, kinda lame, I feel so sleepy that time. Glad, I uploaded two of my "precious" videos on Facebook also. hahaha

Of course, there are errors. :D

What are they exactly doing?

Hahaha...This is really Asian. Any guess?

Sounds Like?

'Twas late 12nn, upon watching Owl City's videos...It was on the right panel, clicked it,  then it brought me here. This is somehow cute in my perspective and it became my instant favorite. This composed and performed by  Daniel (Summertime's End). His official website.
And btw, he's an Owl City fan also. So, it kinda sound (Electropop) alike.

It's SMURFin Time!

Watched this movie ("The Smurfs")  today and what can I say is that they're a bunch of a cute, innocent blue creature. As to the movie, 6 smurfs accidentally went to the city of New York through the "water portal" (*don't really know what it's called) including Gargamel who chases them. Long story ahead....


Whenever I hear this song, it gives chill down to my spine and continuously sending sad signals to my brain. Makes you think further that beyond your sadness, there is still worst.  Somehow, uplift yourself from melancholic state for strange reason.
This song "The First Kiss" is from the movie "Dangerous Beauty" composed by George Fenton.

The Ecchi-Worms Band

This ain't serious. My mind was blank and suddenly I remember  "Kiss X Sis". Weird things came and boooooom~! -xD. If I had band I'll name it- "Ecchi-worms Band". :P