Dear Taylor-Number-One-Fan-Ever-As-In-Ever!

Unexpectedly, she replied.
Actually that was my "plan" to greet her during Christmas eve. (I told her already this)
It works of course, and I'm glad.
After all, almost everyone responds when being greeted during Christmas.
Asked her several questions and she answers. (whoah!!!! *surprise emoticon here*)
She stays with me with that "Taylor" question though. (HAHA, hi there!!!)
She must be special (noh?).
I don't know her personally.
We have common friends though.
I only saw her on this 1920 x 1020 screen or with this 5.5 inches phone.
I don't know how tall she is.
What her voice sounds like.
What she smells like (not trying to be pervert here..hehehe).
How she stands and walk.
But..several questions ahead.

Why do I check if she's online?
Why do I have that desire to talk(chat) to her?
Why does it makes me smile to see that animated ellipsis while waiting for her response?
Why does the sun go on shining? (JK..HAHA)
Why do I love reading(listening) to her random anecdotes.

Answers ahead...

Well, I guess.
I AM INTERESTED, no,  more like EXCITED to meet you.
Like really talk to you.
Laugh with you.
And maybe eat shrimp together?
Walk beside you.
Nah, I don't want to be disappointed again out of expectation.
I'm tired, but I'm willing if someone like you will show up.
Why not (noh?)?

Ifs..lots of ifs.

If only we're on the same place right now. 
I will find a way to see you.
If only I can play guitar, I will sing "Ours" to you.
If only we're "real" friends with that "real" moments to hold.
We'll have that "connection" that might grow.

Buts..not butt (HAHA), some buts.

But, I do not have all that.
Maybe, I'll stay as your "virtual" friend forever (hope not).
I don't know.

Wish..*blows candle*

Of course, to see your physical structures and features.
To observe you (haha..experiment lang).
To see your teeth while smiling.
Haven't seen that teeth yet. (basin pangag ka..HAHA) :)

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