Dear You!

Of course, you know who you are....

Just to let you know that I'm not one of those guy who doesn't care. It really bothers me when you're posting on your Facebook wall and it seems that I'm the one you're talking about (hahaha..taraw??!!). It's just sad, it keeps my head spin more. I am sorry for making you upset but please don't forget that I might feel the same also. We're both human, we just differ in perspective and preferences. I wanted to learn more about you to understand you more. As I said, I will try not to make you cry but it's impossible. 

You're a girl, I understand that you stay passive and I am sorry 'coz  I'm not that "aggressive" type of guy. I'm fine being alone but I know that I'll be happier when you're around. And I'm in no rush.  

And hey, I'm not vocal! I know that sometimes you need to spit those words out but if I do that, it won't be convincing. I prefer writing though. 

Here's my thought about you anyway:

I think that you don't really like me (I'm  pessimist).  I told you that I will miss you and I got nothing in return. I bet you won't even missed me and I'm fine with that. 

And please don't forget that we don't have a responsibility with each other. You can always say "no" to my invitations, you can always ignore my messages.

I JUST CAN'T FIGURE YOU OUT!!! This maybe because I've never been close to a woman whom I like for a long time. 

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