A Short Letter For You

For the second time in a row,
I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day with you in my life.
Just two words for today.
That's how my life has been since I had you again.

You brought a different kind of happiness.
You brought a new perspective to my life.
You brought sunshine in my gloomy days.
You brought lots of good things by just being yourself.
And for the million times, I'll keep on saying this.
"I love you for that."

With no definite reason,
I love you.
With all the good reasons or even worse,
I'll be staying with you.

Don't ever forget that no matter what happens 
in the future, that's ahead of us.
We can make it.
We share the same love,
and that will always be enough.

Happy Valentines my chikading!!! 💗💓💑💘
I have loved you and I will love you.

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